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ALD Dental Laser Standard Level Course – A Certificate Program

On Demand

ALD Dental Laser Standard Level Course

Part 1: Foundations in Laser Dentistry is a self-paced, digital learning program. This is a foundation course which dental practitioners need to fully understand laser use and get the most out of their dental laser experiences.  It includes a comprehensive overview and basic understanding of laser devices, laser tissue interactions, emission modes and safety and operation of dental lasers.  Part 1 Foundations in Laser Dentistry is the first step in learning about dental lasers. It includes 5 chapters, each with a Q & A assessment following each chapter.

  • Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Light

  • Chapter 2 - Production of Light

  • Chapter 3 - Laser Tissue and Laser Material Interactions

  • Chapter 4 - Clinical Applications in Laser Dentistry

  • Chapter 5 - Laser Safety in Dentistry

We suggest that you complete Part 1 "prior" to attending your Part 2 Hands-on course.
You will have unlimited access to this course for 90 days from the date of your hands-on course (Part 2) to access and successfully complete Part 1.

Part 2: Hands-on Training - (In person) This program includes 6 hours of didactic device-specific or wavelength(s)-specific training, more than 3 hours of which are devoted to supervised hands-on activities which includes a comprehensive clinical simulation examination.  Also included is a 1-hour review of the Part 1 key concepts and a course evaluation.

This hands-on clinical simulation training can be scheduled through an ALD Annual Conference, by group enrollment with a university, corporate training or other organization whose training programs are recognized by ALD for Standard Level Certification or by several ALD Speakers Bureau Members who are recognized to provide hands-on training for Standard Level Courses.

Part 3: Standard Level Online Exam (75 Question Multiple Choice Exam)
You will have access to this exam the day after your scheduled hands-on course.  

PLEASE NOTE: Part 1 AND Part 2 MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO TAKING THE STANDARD LEVEL ONLINE EXAM.  The Standard Level Online Exam must be successfully completed within 90 days of Part 2: Clinical Hands-on Exam.

In order to successfully complete ALD's Dental Laser Standard Level Course in its entirety, you must successfully complete all 3 parts within 90 days of your Part 2 Hands-on course.

If you have any questions, please contact the Academy of Laser Dentistry at 813.444.1011 or send an email to Donna Rell (Certification Program Manager) at [email protected].